There are SO many conspiracy theories, it´s hard to keep track of all the crazy thoughts out there… Or maybe they are NOT so crazy… What do you think so far?

We are now going to study three more theories – the theory that redheads are aliens, that people who are Rh negative are aliens or that the human race is in fact controlled by reptile superior ”masters of everything”.

  1. Read the text Redheads are aliens. Then answer these questions with your friend:


  1. From where do redheads come, according to the text?
  2. What can you find out about the Lyra constellation if you google?
  3. Why where the giants here?
  4. The redheads are considered to be ”spirited” and ”headstrong” – what does that mean?
  5. What are the evidence that redheads are aliens?
  6. Why have so many royalties in Great Britain been redheads, according to the text?


2. Now, read the text Reptile Elite. Also – take this ARE YOU A REPTILIAN TEST. . Also practise these words from the text. They are also homework.

3. Read this text Rh Negative.  Also visit this page on blood types – with your friend, talk about your understanding of the different blood types and what it means. Do you understand the facts behind blood types? What does it mean to be rh negative? Do you know your own blood type? Are you perhaps rh negative?