We are going to watch a short film called Serial Taxi which is a murder mystery about a serial killer. But first – look at this papers headline – what do you think has happened?

  1. Look up the underlined words.
  2. Read the text.
  3. Talk with your friend – what do you think has happened in Stabbatonia?



 As the futile attempts by the police to catch the notorious Taxi Killer, bodies pile up Stabbatonia, making taxis the most dangerous place to be in our city. As authorities continue their investigations, very little has been uncovered, leading us to believe that the Taxi Killer is very much amongst us, lurking in the shadows waiting to strike. It has been eight months since the first killing, all related by miniscule details, with no clear motives and a random pattern making it almost impossible to trace.


We watch the film together, but we stop three times to talk about what has happened and what you think will happen. We will stopp at 01:22, 01:47 and 02:07.


Short writing exercise: Write down the story using narrative tenses. At the end of class you will read your text to your friend.