Okey – you are to write an argumentative essay in English. I will give you topics to chose from, but in order to make your text really good, we have to talk little bit about transition words first.

Transition words connect your sentences with each other, giving your text both better ”flow” and a more opinionated and nuanced text.

Let´s do an exercise, placing transition words in a text.

Let´s go through the list of transition words. These are also homework!

Here are the topics to chose from:

  • Can violence ever be accepted?
  • What does freedom mean? Individually and to societies and countries in the world?
  • The world around us – what do you think about it all? About what is happening?
  • What are the effects about following the crowed? Following peer preassure och the norm?
  • According to you – what does it mean when we talk about ”human rights”? What should it mean?

Here are the guide lines for writing an argumentative essay:

Here are some good examples of argumentative texts: