Have you heard of Area51 in the Nevada desert? The restrictions and the secrecy surrounding Area51 has helped to create a lot of rumours about what Area51 really is. The most persistent rumour claimes that the area is home of UFO projects, and that there is at least one alien body on the premises.

  1. What do the bold words mean? Talk with your friend.
  2. Watch this clip:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqfJJ60JcKo
  3. Now read this text: Area 51
  4. Summarize the text AREA 51, and by that I mean, make a shorter version of the text, about 1/3, without loosing any important information. Also – write the headline MY OWN REFLECTIONS at the end of the text, and write down your thoughts on aliens, UFO´s, AREA 51, life on other planets, etc. The text is to be handed in.
  5. Practise these WORDS. They are homework!


What do you think – are there aliens at all, and are they at AREA51? Talk with your friend.