Two of the greatest explorers of all time! Numerous are the books, films, myths and stories about these two men. 
You do this exercise in pairs. I will create group rooms in TEAMS if we are still in lock down.  One of your reads the text about Christopher Columbus, the other one reads the text on Marco Polo.
Take notes as you read, cause you are to RE-TELL the story to your friend. RE-TELL means RE-TELL, not RE-READ…
Then, compare these areas, and discuss.
Their childhood and school years – what was the same, what was different?
Their career – what was the same, what was different?
Their personal lives – what was the same, what was different?

Practise the words for your text. Your friend will check your understanding by describing the words for you to guess.

Texts: The explorer Christopher Columbus                  The explorer Marco Polo

Words: Columbus WORDS      Marco Polo WORDS