A 3,000 year old set of dice was discovered in Iran, and games using dice-type objects are described in earliest Asian writings.  Tile games are described in ancient Egyptian heiroglyphs.  Early styles of a chess-like game are found as far back as the 6th century.
Archeologists and anthropologists speculate games gave a group a somewhat formal way to integrate skills and luck along with learning.  Rules were important, and many early games seem to have been a form of gambling.  Considering how humans socialize, games may also have  provided a way for differing groups to compete for status without killing each other.
Today, playing games include everything from classical board games to playing on the computer.
1. What do the underlined words mean?:
2. Talk to your friend:
1. Do you play a lot of board games? With whom? What boardgames do you like?
2. Do you play a lot of computer games? TV games? What games do you play and what kind of game is that? Riddles and puzzles? Adventure? Violence?
3. What are the pros and cons of boardgames and video/ TV games?
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