You are going to write an argumentative text about gaming. What are your thoughts on the subject?

  1. Start with an intro, where you give the background to why you are writing this essay. End your intro by giving your opinion on the subject.
  2. Then – give three reasons to why you think the way your think. Give good examples to strengthen your opinion.
  3. Then – give on reason that is against your opinion – and ”kill it”.
  4. End your text by again claiming your opinion, and reminding the reader about some of the things you have written about.

Let´s see what it could look like. I have written a VERY short text on why cats are better than dogs:

I´m going to write about our two favorite pets – cats and dogs, and why I think cats are better than dogs.

First of all, cats don’t need you to go out with them a couple of times a day – either the cat is indoors all day, or it can be outdoors all day, or it can come and go as it pleases. Second, a cat is a lot more personal than a dog. A cat does what it wants, not what it is told, which makes a cat more fun, in my opinion. Last, but not least, a cat can catch mice and rats, if you have problems with those animals, which is a really good thing, if you ask me.

Sure, a dog is said to be ”mans best friend” since the dog is always happy to see you, but remember that that is a trained behavior, not a natural one, and a behavior that takes many hours of training to learn, and again – it is trained – maybe the dog hates you?

So, to conclude, I think cats are better pets to have if you like your spare time, want animals to be free and as they are, and if you have problems with mice.


What do the underlined words mean? LET´S TALK BEFORE WE START WRITING!

Use some of these expressions in your text: Expressing opinion

Practice the words and phrases here: Glosor: Expressing opinion