There are people who play for a living. They actually make money from there hobby.

Let´s talk:

  1. Would this be a job for you? Why/ Why not?
  2. What professional players do you know of?
  3. Do you think playing is still fun, if it becomes your job?
  4. How many out of 100 players do you think can become a professional player? What are the odds?

READ this text,  a-gaming-career, for a job in gaming.  Then, ANSWER THESE. Also, work with theses words to the text: Glosor – Have a gaming career

If you want to know more, or boost your English, read this text on how to have a gaming career.

We watch a short film together, then have a talk with your friend and try to answer the questions. Maybe you need to watch the film again, or at least parts of it. Find the questions to talk about here: Exercise Call of Duty