A picture of the author W. W. Jacobs

Although ”The Monkey’s Paw” was included in the book collection of ”Twenty Great American Stories” the fact is and stubbornly remains that W.W. Jacobs was an English rather than American writer. William Wymark Jacobs was born in Wapping, London, England in 1863 and died 1943.

While Jacobs is best known for his horror story The Monkey’s Paw, his body of larger work is known for its humor. His father worked as a dockhand and wharf manager on the South Devon Wharf. Jacobs seems to draw heavily upon his father’s experiences working at the docks and his stories often feature the adventures of wayward seamen and mariners working themselves in and out of precarious predicaments.

W.W. Jacobs has become the favorite short story writer of many people. If you are an enthusiastic reader of short stories you should explore his short story collections. His stories are consistently well written and often of optimal length with most stories taking about fifteen minutes to read.


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