• You are going to read a wonderful text named ”A shovel with my name on it”.
  • What do you think the text will be about? Talk with your friend!


  • Look at these four words that will appear in the text. What do you think the text will be about now?

           Dig                   Neighbour              Sheriff                   Backyard



  • Now – lets read the text. You find the text HERE
  • In writing, summarize the text together with your friend. What was the text about? Hand in your summarisation.


  • Individual writing exercise: A letter of confession (what does that mean?)

You are going to write a letter of confession. Imagine you are the sheriff in the story A shovel with my name on it.

Write a letter where you tell what really happened that night, at Hank’s house. Try to come up with a credible explanation according to the information you got from the text. Try fill that hole in the story.


  • In order to write a letter in English, we need to find out HOW to write a letter in English! Open up Skriv brev på engelska and find out! We will of course go through it together.
  • Also remember: 
  • Use the past tense. Write ”I spoke”, ”I ate”, ”I ran”, ”I was speaking”, ” I was eating”, ”I was running”.
  • Structure your text in paragraphs.
  • Use an appropriate language.
  • Follow general rules for grammar and writing.

Hand in your text in Vklass.


  • We end this project by watching the text played out as a short film.