What is ”good, decent, human behaviour”? How are we to behave in the world to do good? What does good mean?

Read the text The Worst Sin written by Joshua Salik – according to the text, WHAT IS THE WORST SIN?

Answer these Questions about the text, then compare your answers with the answers of your friend.

Let´s talk:

  • What are your thoughts about the text and its conclusion? Do you agree or disagree? Motivate!
  • What – in your opinion – are the worst things a human being can do to another human? What is the ”worst sin” in your opinion? Explain!
  • What are the ”best virtues” a person can have? What qualities does that person have?
  • How do you obtain such ”good virtues”?


What are your thoughts about the message in this video – Are you a non-racist or an anti-racist?


Practise these WORDS , They are homework!