We use a lot of different names when we talk about the UK. What is the UK? What is Britain? England? Northern Ireland? Ireland? Where does Wales fit in? Scotland? Why is the Queen of England also Queen of Australia? And Canada?
What does it all mean?
Let´s watch a video that tries to explain:

1. Have you been to the UK or any of the countries it consist of? If so – where were you and what did you do/ see? Tell your friend.

2. If you could go the UK or any of the countries tomorrow, with a friend or with family, where would you go and what would you like to do and why?
3. Have you had any traditional British food? Do you know any dishes?
4. What famous British people do you know? Tell your friend.

Let´s end this part with another one of my favorites: Foil Arms and Hog


NOTE: If you finish your compulsory exercises before due time – work with the section called ”UK and culture”, which you will find in  ”Engelska extrauppgifter om du är klar”.