There is no way to describe the history and the troubles of Northern Ireland in just a few words, but hopefully this will give you some sort of brief understanding.

  • What do you know about Northern Ireland?
  • Why is it a part of the UK and not a part of Ireland?


  1. We start by watching a video about why there are conflicts in Northern Ireland – it is not very easy to understand.

2. READ the text on Northern Ireland och svara på frågorna på slutet.

3. We listen to the song ” Sunday, bloody sunday” by U2, and then you listen to it again, and try to translate the lyrics into Swedish. What is it about?

4.I will show you some pictures of how the Giant´s Causeway looks.

5. As a final touch, we READ  The Legend Northern Ireland. 

6. What do we know now, that we didn’t know before? Let´s talk!