Let´s get to know Scotland!

  1. We start by watching a clip of ”things to see and places to visit”:

2. READ this text to give you the ground fact of Scotland. Also answer the questions Scotland

3. I´m sure you are all familiar with the Scottish Kilt, but are you sure what you know is the truth and the facts? Lets read a text about ”the myth of the Kilt.” There are words underlined, that I would like you to make a list of and translate: Myth about Kilt

4. One of the best known legends of Scotland – in all the world perhaps – is the legend of the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland.

Have you heard of it? What do you know about it? Talk to your friend for two minutes! Let´s watch video that claims to reveal ”the truth”:

Loch Ness Odjuret

5. The national dish in Scotland is Haggis. Do you know what it is? Let´s learn how Haggis is made!