We are going to read Number the stars:

”How brave are you, little Annemarie?” Uncle Henrik asks his ten-year-old niece. It is 1943, and to Annemarie Johansen, life in Copenhagen is a complicated mix of ordinary home and school life, food shortages, and the constant presence of Nazi soldiers.

As the German troops begin their campaign to ”relocate” all the Jews of Denmark, the Johansens take in Annemarie’s best friend, Ellen Rosen, and pretend she is part of the family.

Through Annemarie’s eyes, we see the Danish Resistance as they manage to smuggle almost the entire Jewish population, nearly 7000 people, across the sea to Sweden. This is a tale of an entire nation’s heroism and human decency.

I have divided the reading into 4 parts, each with an intro, individual and pair exercises. You can both read and listen to the book, and I hope you will do a little of both. Let´s go!