As you know by now, I am a big fan of Roald Dahl. In seventh grade we read and talked about ”the Umbrella Man” and maybe we even read ”Matilda”. This year I thought we’d read Lamb to the Slaughter.  What does ”Lamb to the slaughter” mean? What pictures do you get in your head? What does the word SLAUGHTER mean? (it’s OK to use Any new pictures in your head?

  1. First, let’s get to know Roald Dahl. We open this Roald Dahl ”quiz” and together with your friend you try to answer the questions.
  2. We will start the reading of the text together, but you will then continue alone and/ or with your friend.
  1. First – read Roald Dahl Lamb to the slaughter del 1.
  2. Talk to your friend.Who are the main characters in this text? What does Mr Maloney tell his wife? What was it that he needed to talk about? What do we know now, and what do you think will happen?
  3. Read the rest of Roald Dahl Lamb to the slaughter del2
  4. Talk with your friend about what happened, in the text. Talk English. Did you understand the text the same? Were you right in your assumptions?


Now, work alone:

  1. Put the sentences in the correct order, by clicking on them, one by one: Exercise 1, Lamb to the slaughter
  2. Take this Lamb to the slaughter QUIZ

Roald Dahl is, as you know, famous for the unexpected twist in his stories. We end by watching this amazing video clip together: